History of Pomerania in the 20th century

With the opening of the new department on April 1st, the State Museum in Greifswald completes its permanent exhibition.
The area deals with the period from World War I to the Schengen Agreement.
We were pleased to work together with Bertron Schwarz Frey on the video content of contemporary witnesses. About 10 hours of moving images were created for the various media stations.

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First impression here and here.

Film and Animation, 300+ clips, 570’25“

© 2021


Concept/scientific research: Gunter Dehnert, Heiko Wartenberg
Editing/animation: Markus Mueller
Production: Bertron Schwarz Frey GmbH / Studio Kuskus Berlin
Client: Pomeranian State Museum
"Der Augenzeuge" - News from the Soviet Occupation Zone
Construction of the Colossus of Prora
Construction of the Pölitz hydrogenation plant
Fisheries in Pomerania
Agriculture in Pomerania
Development of V 1 and V 2 in Peenemünde