Hall of Fame - Oberwiesenthaler K3

For the »K3« longtime exhibition in Oberwiesenthal, Germany, we created 5 interactive video projections dealing with the history of snow sports, focusing on Oberwiesenthal’s greatest successes.

Animation, 5 interactive videoprojections, 15’15“

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© 2014


Concept: Markus Müller, Uta Bieger, Raik Evert, Volker Böhm
Design: Markus Müller, Raik Evert
Art direction/animation: Markus Müller
Production: h neun Berlin Büro für Wissensarchitekturen
Executive production: setis
Client: Kurort Oberwiesenthal
photos by h neun Berlin Büro für Wissensarchitekturen
Projection »Rennrodeln«