Dark Continent

Dark continent (Short)

Dark Continent deals with the racial phobias resulting from the colonial imaginary and their transmission through music. His film is an adaptation of a case study from Martinican psychiatrist and anti-colonial writer Frantz Fanonʼs book Black Skin, White Masks (1952): a young White French woman suffers from a nervous disorder triggered by the sound of African drums—prohibited by colonial regimes and slave owners because they were suspected of carrying signals of rebellion.

With Yoli Fuller, Maj-Britt Klenke , J.David Hinze and Patrick Joswig
Written and Directed by Dani Gal

Film and Animation, 25min

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© 2023


Director: Dani Gal
Camera: Itay Marom
Animation: Studio Kuskus Berlin
Production: Kirberg Motors and Dani Gal
Client: Kirberg Motors and Dani Gal