World Heritage Bamberg

Video installation for a permanent exhibition at the World Heritage Bamberg in Germany.
4+ interactive animations addressing different aspects of creating a medieval town like Bamberg starting from 900 A.D. until today.

Animation, 5 interactive videoprojections, 20’00“

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Exhibition: h neun Berlin Büro für Wissensarchitekturen
Animation Concept: h neun ausstellungen GbR / Studiokuskus Berlin
Animation Design: Sina Müller
Animation & Production: Markus Müller
Frontend development: Graphscape GmbH
Executive production: h neun Berlin Büro für Wissensarchitekturen
Client: City of Bamberg
Zentrum Welterbe Bamberg
developing and growing
movers and shakers
old town, new splendour
plans and visions
Fotos: Stadtarchiv Bamberg